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Custom graphics consist of any image(s) that Grafixpressions does not have or cannot be supplied in an electronic format (jpg, bmp, ai, vsd, gif, psd, etc.). Hand drawn sketches, written descriptions, scribbles, and doodles all fall into this category. Grafixpressions will be happy to work with any customer or organization to transfer your thoughts into electronic art. If you can provide us with a sketch or description of your design we will turn it into a digital image that can be turned into vinyl. Please note, there is an extra cost for designs created by GrafiXpressions.

Grafixpressions will also transfer any digital image you already have onto vinyl. If it is a complex image or if cleanup is needed (pixilated, blurry, images that need editing, etc.), there may be additional cost as well. Of course Grafixpression will consult with the customer first for any additional cost(s). If there are any questions emails are always welcome.

Pricing and Rates:
Pricing rates are discounted from Logo Design rates to keep custom orders affordable. The pricing differs for custom orders because custom designs DO NOT become the property of the purchaser.

  • Hourly Rate: $20.00 *unless text only orders, a minimum of 1 hour design time will be charged.

If you would like a rough estimate of the cost of a custom order, try our Price Calculator. This way you can get an approximate idea of pricing without having to fill out a custom order request!

How to Place a Custom Order:
If interested in a custom order, please click the button below. You will then have to fill out the order form as accurately and detailed as possible. A member of the GrafiXpressions sales team will get back to you shortly with a quote.

How to pay for your custom order:
Once you have placed a custom order and received a confirmation E-Mail, please visit the following link to pay for your order:

By placing a custom order with GrafiXpressions LLC, we reserve the right to utilize any designs, files, images, or any other related communications that were exchanged between the purchaser and the seller.