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Premium Vinyl

GrafiXpressions uses the finest quality vinyl for every application. Our vinyl is built to withstand the outdoors and the elements. Approximate lifetime of vinyl applications is 5 years.


We have a wide variety of custom colors available to suit the customers' needs. Other colors besides what is currently posted are available upon request, please note that certain colors may vary in price. Please E-mail us if you would like a special color.

WhiteGraySilverBlackClearBlueArctic Blue
Midnight BlueMint BlueRedBurgandyOrangeBurnt OrangeLemon
GoldCopperBeigeBrownPinkUltra PinkPurple
GreenForest GreenLime GreenTealAlien Eyes - Transparent Neochrome

Specialty Colors:

Specialty Colors consist of specialty vinyl for specific applications. Because of the price difference of specialty vinyl, it can only be ordered via a custom order.

Chrome (1.5 x Decal Price)Gold Chrome (1.5 x Decal Price)Woodgrain (2.5 x the Decal Price)Pearl White (2 x Decal Price)Purple Chrome (2 x Decal Price)Oil Slick (2 x Decal Price)Carbon Fiber (2.5 x Decal Price)
Silver Carbon Fiber (2.5 x Decal Price)Transparent Smoke (2 x Decal Price)Transparent Dark Smoke (2 x Decal Price)Transparent Ruby Red (2 x Decal Price)Transparent Yellow (2 x Decal Price)Transparent Ice Blue (2 x Decal Price)Matte Black (1.25 x Decal Price)
Transparent JDM Pink (2 x Decal Price)Transparent Orange (2 x Decal Price)Gunmetal Metallic (2 x Decal Price)Red Chrome (1.5 x Decal Price)Black Chrome (1.5 x Decal Price)Green Chrome (1.5 x Decal Price)Transparent Lime Green (2 x Decal Price)
Transparent Magenta (2 x Decal Price)Metallic Teal (2 x Decal Price)Fluorescent Pink (2 x Decal Price)Transparent Ultra Pink (2 x Decal Price)Brushed Aluminum (2 x Decal Price)Transparent Amber (2 x Decal Price)Jade Metallic (2 x Decal Price)
Metallic Pink (2 x Decal Price)Champagne Gold Metallic (1.5 x Decal Price)Transparent TealTransparent NeoChrome (1.5x Decal PriceTransparent Blue NeoChrome (1.5x Decal PriceTransparent Yellow NeoChrome (1.5x Decal PriceBlue Chrome (2 x Decal Price)


Normally we can cut a maximum height of 24". However, depending on your specific needs, larger sizes can be accommodated.

Applying the vinyl:

Clean the surface where the sticker will be applied by using rubbing alcohol. Overlayed on each sticker is clear "transfer tape." Simply peel this layer off of the sticker backing (the sticker should now be attached to the transfer tape), line up the sticker on the destination and smooth over with a credit card or squeegee type tool using a back & forth motion. Peel the transfer tape off slowly and the sticker will be applied.